A sustainable alternative to plastic

Billions of disposable straws are consumed every week, and unfortunately, many of them end up in wrong places. If nothing changes, there will be more plastic waste than fish in our oceans by 2050.

We are introducing the marine biodegradable Sulapac straw made from non-toxic and sustainably sourced materials. The straw’s renewable material content is maximized, and the straw is 100% biodegradable and microplastic-free. Sulapac straw complies with the European food contact material legislation. The material is a drop-in solution for plastic straw manufacturers and has been tested successfully with multiple production lines.

If a Sulapac straw ends up in the ocean, it doesn’t harm the ecosystem. Naturally occurring micro-organisms can digest and transform it into CO2, H2O and biomass, so that even whales keep smiling.


Material that naturally occurring organisms can dissolve into CO2, water and biomass


Doesn’t interfere with plankton growth nor have any adverse effects on the ocean ecosystem. Marine biodegradability certificate expected in Q4/2019


A drop-in solution using existing machinery with competitive price

Sustainable raw materials

Made from sustainably sourced raw materials and wood side streams

Outstanding usability

Use a Sulapac straw exactly as you’ve always used plastic straws

Unique look and feel

Sulapac straws have their own identity with a very unique touch&feel

100% biodegradable

Decomposes quickly and can be recycled via industrial composting

The mojito scoring meter

Want to enjoy your mojito with a nice straw and no bad conscience? Straws are scored based on usability, eco-friendliness and mass production capabilities.

Partnering with the best

The mass-producible straw is a joint effort by Stora Enso, a leading provider of renewable solutions (Nasdaq, €10bn revenue, 2017) and Sulapac. The commercial solution combines Sulapac’s unique material recipe and technology with Stora Enso’s experience in industrial operations and global market reach. The straw will be made globally available in Q2/2019.

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All the specs you need

Detailed information including technical specifications, end-life scenarios, mechanical properties, life cycle analysis (LCA) will be published in Q4 2019 and certifications as soon as all testing processes are completed. If you want to know more about technical details, please be in touch!

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